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• * • yj Ll JE-AND-WHITE foior u-hi-mr la Ihc rlioirr uf prttty l3rid Mo-l» Jjfqiielirp Torrra^, who mairipn Robrn Ruffnni nl the Mater Dsi C]hiifrh, Biakr-hunt, nn Satui- t Uy, Jarqiirlirtf III thf (iiiili;h- ttj Utimmam Jcr '^ohtby" tljarkr, iivd Win [dinity, [n a IDliple of wpski ll)p^"ll hami: agai D fn lime Fnr thv fin Di Trst in Mdhciumi! a( N*w Zu|jpr/ ul b.trhrcui'd si-rvrtj DM (Tie lawn. fha lafes J wig-ifyle in bronted tistheri by Hanriplle Lsroolte. "POND'S COLD CREAM is the simplest, surest way to krep my skin beautifully elear and smooth." savs MHe. bul rlean Eing meaii H more limn just sonp and walfir! t'drlf in 19SJ, Midmpl Wild- ing joioed and Micharl Tiiriri in Mexico to facilitate a qak X divorce fn Fehntnry 2, m? Whrn 'I'm'tir i Jaylrfc ^^ji to tht 1IK1F Mitchell TTirried rf i Linaiitly. wi« biowjttfi nu Ktly tm his rup M:iric Hi ipoke lietwefn the nl Pn. it'i hi\ *itt O llifair " She way frndl Ttg hrc hijshjtnd, btll tier vtifer was t Fjjtlh-led. Then un ihr cim of the MMt wavk- he cmtlt J ice Ihe li|Ehi rsdci tccl fflf the wiig^lini; fiah in the ott. i hry fjcuan lo nrovr in ton atdi the black i H4iliiiej nf the 'III lit, bbcter than the water or ihc iky. "Jt means," he con- tiii Hcd gravely, "thm we've gpl our worl; cut out for iii ► rirtber the itorrn comes or not. it rf-^n'[ roioe anywhefe Ofar UE, but we've got to he prrfrated in a Hi..uiie, rejtardlr M. Our job ii to anticipate what we mig^t call the enemy's tnijiiirm-nu, make every posiible defe^c^^ . Much more qiiickly he en- visioned a nriass of detail exploding in his face, all tedioiis, all involving cndtess argnm«it. ^* "Veil," "Vou Kcem to have rcnmed your faith in him." "I have not for a monirni done so. Then he jinid, "I doubt if even our Mr, f\mith would fuinhte a situation as serious an this. the tremendous inte Tt-st srcmsed in Erigliind in iirrb^eolugy. Taylor as brr praponed rrp [^cement, Rtran RRSt rips Jor the jnb arc C'^lurnbia'i young Ji^Anna Mfjorc — newly sigried to a srv(Tt-year cscliuive comrart — iind thp u Tiknown jo Mrkrrow, ^^L^KK f SAIU. to Il;i]v :ci Mar Iti ''H:iy of Xnjitcs" Utr Paramoum a°ey rennn led hii rnm Krr ihetni u. of wilt' h Zrus traa Dtily ;t Diumr iidiurnturr, Wat %'[ihie«ji|e 111- rrttiriiin, ihr s Jiiihirsh fuul- j/tirfl pug4' Jti iba T the k^i %ttd Yra. Mitrlirll watched him giu hick down the bmeh past ihe s Tnrttgr drtim to thr bom. Pike unrolled a map Nikki and fpread it across his desk. aad, if neressary, e"ii make a »tnite(»ic retreat." Hjkr a Uowed a slishi smile to creep airo M his mouth. Albtiftht thought, oi Pike bcikoned to him and poinietf It t Jie map. Once safely cnt-aiiiped on tile north lidt, We carl explain mailers and prepare for the worst." ''Are you 1^ugg^.'Lti^g, sir, that we tnm'e t^rryooi; on Nikki hiis^ and bag^i±ge lo the nortll ^idf Pike's enlerprisl-. Wlial's more, we're pressed for time." "When is the .ttorm supposed to arrive? It^s manocnvring to the south right now." ",'Vrc you ba^g this informatio on that Smith chap? Rut the; prtidiccion has prartically lu-en confirmed by Tuamflni, and, what's more, I've n^rcived a few »ignali of my own," Pike poked his thumb into hii .shoitider, and, tn .'Mliright's astonishmeni, winked at hint. ^NE of ihd icyc.'ml piicnom- j^noiis riiust'd by TV i? Tlirri' wi Hild Tlir ll Mij i»f h U IWPTJiy- ihou^nd ^iinuiit imy TIii PTr pri-j iff trying' lo llivr on his pnttkin. Ard Sur-Afi Oc" wnu Jd teiflc pcrraa- uni L ncupr irv{n her aorru Wa via \hf boi Elif. Apd t Tiinin tlint u^aihrrmim ta h^'U forcvrrl nrijcu-cd with hik thci Lirhi"i: ,1 nil I. i Tui J And tngsr Hiiiij iltinrtceji to kap ^■vcrytwdy Impp? I'divin ixiini M from Nordi t^an^liiia and a here nn Miur walh the An.*' iraiian Jutt Qurnrrt — nrxt VL'Ht hf will rrturn httu K to ihr . His sun sfl W thei TIt t CKJ, tn* nitl Je tim^^ and ral Sect his head, itarmg. ijc boat t DBP ni] a wave aiul Tuik^r mv^ a lip^^ ahead, low nd, ihrn ^nntht^r well (iff f Hirt.


• * • yj Ll JE-AND-WHITE foior u-hi-mr la Ihc rlioirr uf prttty l3rid Mo-l» Jjfqiielirp Torrra^, who mairipn Robrn Ruffnni nl the Mater Dsi C]hiifrh, Biakr-hunt, nn Satui- t Uy, Jarqiirlirtf III thf (iiiili;h- ttj Utimmam Jcr '^ohtby" tljarkr, iivd Win [dinity, [n a IDliple of wpski ll)p^"ll hami: agai D fn lime Fnr thv fin Di Trst in Mdhciumi!


and Mr*, j Vrri U* i Mwrii/in(6» TJipt ttrrre the arrivai of tha new frfiteh o U i Qnkpr Aittrntab^, f RETl V HRUf E. Get,/- frrj Kunch (at ri^ht) leaw$ Str Stihn*m Ckurr-h, Giirdart' wiiti iipr huthnnd' Thn liridn mirn jfifmerty Rirhin Hiibsrt, Uir rltllif Aiiughlt T of thr John Hohurti. Vitfhirla», Thr^j^ »pi H ttar in "Hoar Ukt a Do Bf^ uchich aptfai in Mi-tbtmritr an Morc Ji 7, Cj IJV'T' help envying Julia Me Far Uine and Penny Horn — they* re Bailing ai tfi A^ etui thp mtnuh for fittty and tix aionlhs at iinitvrsily in Ftnrfnee, ftj Uttireii hy tfn months' hfilititiy in ICngtaiul and travftlling rtfttnd the i'.oniine-nt, ITifi' II iii'ij 111 3 |ien! ihcrr — iind tlitn iatei hav F a iki-ing halidny in j^UJ^TANNF.n Kirb Sfc- Mi Han i* wt^nrinj^ an un- u Mial aqujnnarinp Fnga^mcnt rini! Sjf Jni*T tfny I'Vnr- r IS National Library of Australia A drnnintic ^whorl stor^' Uy lion Me MAXIGAL LLUSTBATIO J O H K MILLS Tl'lt mm lil Adit J ihi- Iics F lit cialjs till t O' tjip vmi and \:ivpfl tho driver oil. »ll and hi;* wjfi* wt^t- itttiii| cup, hitt Jonkmg at liu loii. V looked alike, with liroadtrames and squa«, dc Hheniie St Miii Te*, ITie lather'* hair ipey-, cxii;pl lor this anil for the yellmy oi Nkiii aptnii which hf wore, they might haw Iwexi hrr Hhers wit Ji riwtliei tjtji of thp same drawer, ihetr sweater*, cords ijumbwou pairrtd, and Ehetr twin caps* peaked ant] lilriy. Tac Jiet mummifined the boiil in alongside a markr^r-booy, lening the engine idle Muehell leaned out mr^ ^\lr watet, find, ivilh a s'"^'"''' hiiiid. He hauled in thi» line, bringing in the heavy baskets, ore by one. thri;adcd it into the trap, knotted the hatrh, anrj pul the basket rtaidy for sowinfj as Jiin in the lon^ Sfriili! It'i not Ihr fint one." he laid, A hirt laoii-rn (larcti tip (in the sernnd boa.i, laviher stymy '■■ jion, and liey saw fiffiifi'?! A wiiii h - ined di Uiltin K and a nf;i pulli-d slowly imt ol iht- Mnitfi. I fie winch rait W up and the net iwung over tic iidr iiai mil of it^lit. It waj a fitacina- ting pirrc flbniii rhis :i St X)-yrar- aid villagr bnhcd in * g^\e all lh»c time ago Aod ujir:irtli«-d lait CPiiriirv". ,, juad ,4 fdni'-d tr- coi Mtniction o( iht villife Jjowcd what it may bate been like. in the interests ol th^ ice cream manufacturers 0} Australia Page SI National Library of Australia Luxuriously to LOKDON . And Air India offers you sciutt lights a v/cck to London from Ikunbay oa, tinkijig with Ttiursda)' departures ftam - Sydnev'. Thf lli^h1ln I irif tfii Ivni'y ivilbin vjii Ji^^prk if the A, K,t? mtjs pcarliy irni Hreiitilr fti jtrnity no mniti-r The w^nld. wi^ K^"^*^- "Vnu on home to leii," Mitchfll Huylra said. H** jmivcd off dfiwn ihp road, htj «irp hcaxy in liiv irumbiwts, tmd walkrtl nliing the Irtigtli (i( thr' shrift* fn ihi- roiv ol rotfipr.'s iind hrinuv When Tmiki^r viimi* in, Mili-li? "Yti U keep out ot ihr C" Miti licli said to hl« wife. jnd ^ill day thev worked loijeih Er, ri H die nptrn sand) shell in the early light, vmrking .irrow to ihe tytawrn dimiidrr nf thf bay undej the rlitfs in thr tlu.«k- Th(! Mitchnt U unrked from Ihc fciow nf the hnat, his father ai the lill^r in thir item. The yotmp one* he iiunett liiict tale tf hit father, who is tjtiictly iabbed a (kcwer i I salted Ijait from tlie buit-btix. Th« flthermen spilled them tiboari L Tne fi.iiliing tmat'« lanti^m ntade it di Stcull lo aei; elwwherc ■ n the water. If thr stttmi in rnmtng our way he'll tell ine with no ifs, ands, or buls about il." "When do you want to start ail this? f^ib- l:-r Llbni Tie*^ Autl miit-E'Uin^ hiivf been driti^trd wi Eh Inquires h Wn u cail^'d Kkarj Erac, in ihp Ork- niry Islands. with Y^w chalet cf 7 inttf4nlri|1]r diffirtiil rnutei It snt only whtre yaa go, but haio you ga ihai matters — and Air l;idia kncms how to w-r-a-p you in luxury, w-o-o )'tiu with courtesy. aiiap UHt *&tt of acrrfis* Hoten Hajreff rtnirildi]ig rok by Kim Novak and ! rf liny JI191 rt-ji'iii Ui Lhrfr wallets pnid il dirct dy^ n«rt chcy ^J:id Ji nre:it cieid m lay nhmit fiow n D one iuid r V" o TTrfr U Wi tiikr VATS at thru fmm the i T. This wjj rbr crurllral rphuff of idl, Sn IT i^n'iil oat poinit 10 he fifsy . Then' were ilii Ti rnn Tlltl1)ii;it whii rt-inr Dn- Conilnuing The Trouble With Lazy Ethel iktrt-d the- f iri ujti h t^u ol Pike'i wl L-riio Fl. li ffw of them woultl it C' 1^11 tu woticirt if thr ii L'ji;iii:i] o Kji Ttors wcrn not rig^it. ink Do Ji everyoflip frtmi ksp tn hrbi [t TO'l, t'ike Luid hij njptira&rv on ruiiiiimti wrre wvll iiw^rr t^ui rhrir Cninmis^ioii. Directory Home Add a Cam Newly listed Cams Popular Cams Highest rated Cams About/Contact Live Webcams Africa (12) Antarctica (5) Asia (44) Australia & Oceania (50) Caribbean (1...National Library of Australia The lovely look of .

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