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For the ex-wife (bio mom): Many bio moms complain that they just don't trust the bonus mom's judgment when their kids are in their care. If you are worried about them reconciling, you shouldn't have married him in the first place.For the ex-wife (bio mom): Some ex-wives are so angry that their ex has found happiness with someone else (when they made them so miserable) that they look for ways to make their ex and his new partner just as miserable.

To the ex-wife (bio mom): Children have just as much trouble coping with remarriage as they do with divorce. You dwell on his, you will inevitably become part of it.It has to do with how the ex feels about her lot in life.Your desire for revenge doesn't do your kids any good.For those of you who are angry and in the midst of ex-wars, many of these tips may seem like fluff.They work, but first you have to PUT THE KIDS FIRST and get past your anger.

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  1. Largely, though, in the same vein, let’s think about the goal of a first message: to start a conversation, and get the other person to respond; once you’re both present and accounted for, you can start seeing if anything actually even goes anywhere. We don’t always want to talk about them with strangers!