From casual dating to serious relationship

Rules like "who should text who first after the first date? Even making plans, like getting together on the weekend, may feel like it's venturing into the more serious territory. If you are concerned about something, an honest discussion is the only way to ensure that both parties are heard and respected.

It is important to stay true to yourself and only do/say/commit to things that you are comfortable with.

Finally, if the complexities of a casual relationship prove to be too distressing or confusing, it might be work considering whether casual dating is a good fit for you.

Casual Dating Does Not Guarantee Casual Sex It is worth noting that it is perfectly acceptable to start up a casual relationship that does not involve sex.

It is crucial that both parties discuss their intentions for the relationship right from the beginning.

Of course, sometimes one person may develop feelings for the other.

Unclear communication leads to misunderstandings that can be fatal to any relationship, but especially a casual one where boundaries may be more fluid.

Ultimately, the goal is to respect your partner's feelings.

The point of being with your partner(s) is to have fun.

You get to set the rules on who you have sex with and when.

The type of relationship you are in does not dictate your sex life or elected lack thereof.

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It is not uncommon for young people to test life's boundaries and, in the process, discover who they are.

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