Funny dating email subject lines

The messaging is clear and brief, letting the user know what the idea of the email is while keeping the copy short.

This beautiful sparkly and glittery Valentine’s Day email template can be used for anything from a restaurant promotion through to a special retail sale!

Has an email subject line ever made you raise an eyebrow? But what good is an amazing email if no one opens it? For subscribers who get tons of emails in their inbox every day, a funny, shocking or simply factual subject line can compel someone to actually open your email.

Like me, you’ve probably spent hours crafting your email newsletters, perfecting your timing, topics, images, and CTA.

A fresh look of Frank Body and the different content feel in their Valentine’s day letter. Plus, their subscribers have the option to send a love letter directly from the email.

Catchy GIF used in this Valentine’s day email newsletter, bonus points for it being on brand color-wise.

Can’t be more direct than this: Swank also does it right by using a GIF in their animated Valentine’s day newsletter to promote their gift card. With options to share the email on social platforms, the email is a perfect one for Valentine’s Day.

This email came from Quickbooks, the online accounting software aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses manage their books and grow.

The email gives subscribers a step-by-step process for setting up free bank transfers. It makes subscribers want to know how can they get paid faster?

It is a good hook that addresses the needs of any business owner.

Here’s the thing: you have to be honest if you use this type of teaser subject line. This subject line offers — and the content delivers.

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Although gift-giving is an important part of Valentine’s Day, remember that people are at the center of it.

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