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There’s no way anyone can take you seriously with these goofy lines, so don’t try and take yourself seriously either.Make sure you follow these one liners through with a raised eyebrow, a wink, or a laugh…In a dating culture that’s always changing, you never know when the worst pickup lines you’ve ever heard could come in handy.Now normally I recommend avoiding pickup lines, and we at Mantelligence have had to seriously ask, “do pickup lines work?

Clever pick up lines can be a fun way to show off some wit, and while we wouldn’t recommend dropping them on someone out of the blue…They can be a fun way to flirt with a girl you’ve been talking to, and, with a little imagination, can be used in a number of playful situations. Again, not one I’d break the ice with, but it could do the trick later on. Here are 6 worst, cringy pick up lines: Choose someone you look absolutely nothing like. But with a little work and some guidance, you can drop these pickup lines with enough expertise break the ice or get your crush laughing.

anything to show that it’s all in fun and that you want her to laugh along with you.

There come moments in every relationship when the right words can make all the difference.

They can work great as flirty lines later on, but don’t let your first words be something this bad.

When you do decide to pull out one of these dad jokes of the dating world, be sure keep the mood light.

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