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I've seen one godly person turn a whole group from a little social gathering that's Christian in name only to a group that's on fire for the Lord.At the same time, you can't assume everyone who shows up is a believer or has good motives.Speakers on dating, relationships, and singles issues would be few and far between.The type of people you attract is dependent on the message you deliver.It is through our extensive in-house capabilities and with our passionate skilled team that we are able to deliver on this goal.The key to realizing this vision is simply, hard work.The first time you sit and cry with a single mother whose daughter has been killed or pray with a brother who has cancer, your perspective changes.5) Guard your contact list (addresses and phone numbers). You'll thank me later.— Dave I started a social group at my church called Saturdays at Seven. All I do is plan an event every Saturday and whoever wants to participate can come.

They also should spend time planning with the pastoral staff to come up with a goal and a mission statement.

Over the years, I've helped launch a couple of singles ministries and have been in the leadership of a couple of more.

I've learned several lessons from these experiences:1) Pray and plan.

I was in a non-denominational Bible study and had an opportunity to visit several church singles ministries with friends. Do you want to minister to the needs of never-married singles, divorced singles, widowed singles, single parents, etc.? I've noticed that singles want to know they're loved and that they matter.

Once you've determined your target and vision, meet with your senior pastor to make sure it lines up with the church's overall vision. Find people to serve in leadership roles whose vision lines up with vision for the ministry. There's so much work to be done that one person trying to do it all will become frustrated and exhausted (trust me, I've been there time and time again). The leadership in our ministry is responsible for calling each member between our meetings.

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