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Home to multiple volcanic mountain ranges, Daisetsuzan is an incredible playground for hikers and skiiers.Plus thanks to charming towns, a family-friendly ice festival, and some of the best autumn foliage in the country, you don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy immersing yourself in nature here.Slated to open in 2017, these include a ride based on Finding Nemo and sequel Finding Dory, as well as a replica of Arendelle, the village from the movie Frozen.The park is also celebrating the 15th anniversary of its opening from April 15th, 2016 to March 17th, 2017, with a number of special shows as part of “The Year of Wishes.” This year, Nagasaki was overshadowed by Hiroshima during the memorial events of the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombs.

This artistic city is the perfect fit, given that it’s home to both a centuries-old heritage of exquisite craftwork, as well as the cutting-edge 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.

In 2017 it will host the Nakanojo Biennale, one of a few innovative art festivals pioneered in Japan.

A longtime favorite of families, theme park fans, and schoolgirls in matching outfits, Tokyo Disney Sea is staying current with some new attractions based on popular films.

Nanette Gottlieb, Professor of Japanese Studies at the School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies at the University of Queensland, suggests that the term has become controversial and is avoided now by most Japanese television broadcasters.

The uncontroversial if slightly formal gaikokújin is commonly used instead.

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