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Due to Broccoli Books closing its doors in 2008, volumes 4-6 were never released in America.

aiya just move yr mouse ard each screen u will find a clickable object on nearly all the screens in ancient planet got another secret.

" If you cannot find the date, or if the product is opened, DO NOT EAT.

Now Tact Meyers will be promoted to a higher level and the Luxiole will have a new commander who will be Coco Nutmilk with the help of Tapio Ca.

There will be introduced a new Rune Angel (similar like in "Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers"), others new members and there will also be small occurrences of scenes from some of the previous characters.

In this plot the Rune Angel-tai will have to fight against the Arms Alliance, which is integrated by the Three Marquis and, later, against "Parfait" the main villain.

Several years have passed since Milfeulle Sakuraba and the other lovely ladies of the Angel Troupe finally defeated Eonia's forces in EDEN.

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  1. This is completely brand new software with a completely new hand history format and unfortunately we got no advanced notice from WPN that it was coming or that the HH format would be changing.