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After you have verified you are real, you can start contacting Gay Thugs to see if they have any interest. Just send a wink or message and patiently wait for for them to get back to you.

After they respond and there is a mutual interest, then you can schedule to meet up to see if there happens to be a actual connection. Go ahead and open up your totally free profile below and get started today!

He mentioned Chad [Pimp C], said something like ‘Pimp C, I ain’t doing that’ or he disagreed with it or whatever.” “My thing is, if Chad was alive you wouldn’t mention him in that song the way you did, so don’t do it now.

Watch your mouth, he’s not here to have that conversation with you, but I am.” She went on to thank all the artists that mention Pimp C in a positive way, naming JAY-Z and J. Pimp C died in 2007 from the affects of promethazine and codeine, coupled with pre-existing sleep apnea.

In an interview for No Jumper in July, he said: “I feel like he probably shouldn’t have told the world. “These days, motherf*****s, it’s just all judgment. It’s just like, to certain people, you know what I’m saying?Karlae said that she was put off by Thug’s rapper persona when she first met him.“I was like, you’re a rapper and I already know what’s that about,” she told The Fader.var player Instance = jwplayer(document.query Selector(".jwplayer")); // player element var player Container El = document.query Selector(".jw-player-container"); // player wrapper var jw Close Btn = document.query Selector(".js-jw-float-close"); // float close btn var close Btn Closed = false; // close btn state var function close Jw Float() function get Element Offset Top(el) function get Scroll Top() player Instance.on("ready" , function () { var config = player Config(); var utils = player Instance.utils; var player Height = config.container Height; var player Offset Top = get Element Offset Top(player Container El); var bp Desktop = window.inner Width 768; // check current bp var offset Fix = ! “People judge me, and people say, ‘gay,’ but n***a, at one point I probably had more hoes…

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