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That country “became the largest producer of pipes in the world, with 35–40 factories located mainly in Lombardy, many of which worked as subcontractors for distributors, often British, who then would put their trade mark (the ‘punzone’) on the finished product” (Anna Grandori, Organization and Economic Behavior, 1995, 321).

Today, buying a pipe is no longer a simple decision because there’s literally a crowding sea of briar …

Stillinger, Wood-using Industries of New York, 1949, 91).

Italy needs mention as well, having played a rather significant role early in the briar trade.

To these list makers, I ask: What about the utility and benefit to us all of an industry mega-list, one that’s encyclopedic in content?

With a cornucopia of briar choices, a pipe smoker just might experience list-thinking, a symptom of our short attention span; listing subconsciously creates patterns, groups and piles of information that seem to come together on their own.

Cloud) [sic], where they are finished into the famous G. D., or ‘Pipes de Bruyere,’ known to smokers in England under the name of ‘brier wood pipes’” (“Brier Root Pipes,” Scientific American, Sept. “It is said that a large proportion of the so-called ‘English’ pipes are entirely manufactured at St. This statement also applies to most of the French ‘manufacturers,’ who place their orders for pipes, ready branded in their name, with St. 1-75, Volume I, January, February and March 1914, 222). Claude pipes were “sold in large quantities in London with English trade-marks, and therefore eagerly bought by those Frenchmen who visit London, as a souvenir from the other side of the Channel …” (Peter Kropotkin, Fields, Factories and Workshops, 1993, 307).

Opinions then, as now, seem to vary as to who made the best pipe.

Between thirty and forty millions of them are manufactured annually” (Bernard St.

Lawrence, “Where Briers Are Made for the ‘Tommies’ and the ‘Poilus’,” The Wide World Magazine, February 1919, 316).

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