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It has been six years since George Michael burst onto the music scene as one half of the pop duo Wham! as something of a joke, and Michael as something of a poseur.

In tandem with boyhood friend Andrew Ridgeley, Michael produced three albums for Wham! And at the time, Michael did little to dispel such criticism.

He also states Michael made four suicide attempts in the time he knew Fawaz.

This included one episode when he stabbed himself 25 times whilst in rehab. In the postings, he offered details about their relationship and life together, as well as Michael’s well-documented problems with drugs.

‘He wanted to die so badly and it was powerful to hear him say it.

I saw that George’s door had not moved, nor had I heard any movement. Because of past experience though, I was subconsciously worried too. ‘When the ambulance arrived the lady made me feel bad because she said George had been dead a while. ‘I thought that’s it — he finally did it and I finally saw him dead in his bed. “He never told me how he did it when he was taken for three days to Marylebone.

‘It was the way she looked at me — it made me feel little. ‘When the police arrived she told them she didn’t know my relationship to George. ‘I always begged him not to do this but he was so depressed. I would say, ‘aren’t you glad May 16th didn’t happen?

They also implied that he was heavily involved with drugs, and accusation he has since denied. and from partner Ridgeley—who reportedly suffered a nervous breakdown—to embark upon a solo career.

Last year, he released his debut album, , which became an immediate sensation.

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His hair is perfectly coiffed, and his three-day growth of stubble is carefully groomed.

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