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Try it now You can check your credit score as often as you’d like.

Checking your credit score every two weeks is a great idea so you can keep track of any changes and monitor activity.

Some of them include: late payments, applying for new lines of credit, going bankrupt or carrying a balance from month to month.

Because of this, a lot of things can negatively affect your credit score.Based off your score and the information provided by Experian, we'll analyze your reports and let you know how you're doing with your payment history, your credit utilization, credit age, new credit (inquiries), and credit mix-the five factors that make up your credit score.Once we do this, we'll provide you with a personalized action plan that can help you build your score and ultimately, maintain good credit.It all depends on when creditors furnish information to the credit bureaus (usually every 30-60 days).It also depends on when you pay down balances, when you apply for a new loan or credit card, open a new account, or when you close an account.

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