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Even though nothing really happened between us, ever, and the crush eventually faded away, I kept being a fervent believer of romantic signs fed by all the movies I still avidly watch.So it turned out that during the trip he was just casually staring at me, and when he noticed I was also staring, he played along. Many of the fantasies I built during those years were a misunderstanding but when everything finally came to light it was a great lesson for me.You cannot get into someone's head through an emoji, the person maybe didn't answer because they're busy or perhaps they didn't have something to say.So, rather than wading into deeper waters and wasting time deconstructing their text, peel yourself away from your phone and have a face to face conversation.

You may also want to spend some time evaluating what you're feeling and whether you want to be with the other person or not. Try not to take it too personally; sometimes the best thing to do is ask them how they feel.

So, more than a social convention, it’s become, in my opinion, a pressure that doesn’t mean anything.

So, maybe you didn't kiss on the first date, so what? So don't put unnecessary pressure on things that are supposed to be fun and exciting.

He might thrive on attention from women or he might just be lonely so he’s hot and cold.

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if you want to know how to understand men's mixed signals... As hard as it might be to believe, some people will do a lot just for some attention.

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