Global horizons consolidating a travel program

URBEM won the call for all six sectors and the state government is now contracting Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) to redevelop the area in accordance with the urban and economic models proposed by URBEM.

Currently, the first sector of the Casa Paulista is under construction, aiming for the construction of 3,700 housing units.

The July workshop will be developed over three weeks in Brazil and two weeks at MIT.

After this period, the workshop material will be further refined and will potentially be included within the CAU Housing biennial exhibition in May, 2018.

Chicago finds itself in a strategic moment where three major initiatives that will shape the future of the city have just been launched.

Firstly, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has publicly announced that Chicago aspires to the greenest city in the world.

Just as the information revolution that accompanied the development of the Internet has created new dispersed networks of exchange, collaboration, and efficiency, an emerging energy revolution calls for dispersed networks of self-sufficient energy collection networked together to maximize efficiency.

This is one of the most compelling opportunities for addressing the environmental crisis, and re-conceptualizing architecture as infrastructure, to design buildings and cities as integrated systems for collecting and distributing energy.

This studio aims to explore new possibilities of designing buildings along the Minhocão to properly redefine its architectural front according to its current new paradigm.

The workshop will design within the constraints of the local conditions, reflecting the current political and socio-economic frameworks that are in place.

The workshop aims to provide a “successful” model of inner-city affordable housing within a dense urban setting.

Thus, in order to overcome this discrepancy, diminish social inequality and better balance citizen's rights, the city's urban investment and planning efforts should move in two directions: [1] housing projects should be brought to downtown, and [2] infrastructure and public facilities should spread out into the periphery. book This studio will focus on a specific area in Sao Paulo downtown that was severely affected by a top down urban intervention: a 2.7km viaduct, the Minhocão, which ripped off a preexistent and consolidated zone, causing building degradation and urban disaggregation.

Lately, as a result of the population’s persistent appeal, car traffic time was limited to working days and hours.

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