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Click "Change when computer sleeps" in the left pane, select "Change advanced power settings" at the bottom of the Edit Plan Settings dialog box, and click the plus sign to the left of Sleep to view your sleep and hibernate options.

While this and other Windows patches won't address all the sleep and hibernation problems afflicting Windows users, your first step in solving problems with the operating system's power-saving modes is by downloading and installing the latest updates via the Windows Update service.

Keep the Hibernation File Cleaner option unchecked in Vista's Disk Cleanup utility to retain your PC's ability to hibernate.

Check Vista's power settings In Vista, press the Windows key, type power options, and press Enter.

Slowly, video card makers are updating their drivers to work smoothly with Vista.

Go to the Web site of your video adapter vendor, and look on its Support or Downloads page for an update to your model's driver.

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