Google validating mx records

Google recommends making this change as soon as possible following the decision to move to G Suite.

We can See Despite internet best practices, some systems/vendors use products which hardcode mail routes to servers.

For a list of general DNS terminology, refer to General DNS overview.

Cloud DNS offers both public and private managed DNS zones.

A description of ‘TLS Controls’ can be found here TTL records are a mechanism to define how long a DNS record is valid.

Not properly updating TTL’s ahead of time can cause long delays and misrouted traffic during the MX change event.

The Cloud DNS API is built around projects, managed zones, record sets, and changes to record sets.

A Google Cloud Platform Console project is a container for resources, a domain for access control, and the place where billing is configured and aggregated.

A public zone is visible to the public Internet, while a private zone is visible only from one or more VPC networks that you specify.

Private zones enable you to create split horizon DNS configurations because you can create a private zone with a different set of DNS records, specific to your VPC network.

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