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However there was a lack of coordination, monitoring, evaluation, and governance, underpinned by a robust evidence base and quality standards.

The Great Expectations Quality assurance group was developed, to enable a multidisciplinary team to look at quality standards, best practice guidance, accessibility, capacity, resources, monitoring, evaluation, training needs, audit and research.

Levels of teenage pregnancy, breast feeding initiation and smoking in pregnancy are worse than the England average.

There are significant health inequalities across the City, with many people experiencing poor health and a shortened life expectancy.

Great expectation 'champions' were nominated (or volunteered) who were able to represent their teams and be advocates for their service.

Great Expectations has drawn on the expertise of a wide range of contributors, which has reduced the impact on any single service provider.Life expectancy for both men and women is lower than the England average.About 18.8% of Year 6 children are classified as obese.A joint funding contribution from the public health department and the local authority secured a coordinators role, provided via a midwifery secondment.This pivotal role provides a point of contact, leadership, coordination, support, and planning.

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