Greek dating rituals

A tilted head slightly down to the left and the eyes opening and closing slowly means ‘yes.’ Also, you might hear an occasional clicking of the tongue on the upper roof of the mouth with a head gesture looking like ‘yes.’ Don’t be fooled.

Greek culture is somewhat different to its western counterparts, especially that of America.

Greeks cash in so big on their ”name day”, that this day is actually considered to be of greater importance than their birthday.

How it works is that most Greek names have saints associated to them, which means that when the Feast day of your saint comes up, it is your nameday.

About Greek Passion Lastly, let’s talk about passion.

Greeks are known to become extremely passionate about any competition in which Greece is involved.

Due to instability in the Middle East, the recent influx of migrants could possibly lead to a build-up of other ethnic groups.

From football to Eurovision, if victory is theirs, they will flood the streets waving flags out of cars, honking their horns, and singing and shouting as if they had actually been the ones to win the award.

Of course, passion comes in various forms, and self-expression is something that Greeks are passionate about.

Some Traditions that Set Greeks Apart There are definitely some ‘different’ traditions you might come across when dating a Greek that you just don’t find elsewhere. That’s right, spitting on someone is a way of diminishing any form of evil energy or presence!

It’s actually more of a FTOO, FTOO, FTOO; so just be aware.

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While we know that you know that we’re hairy – we will never discuss these things with you and we will never let you see our grooming rituals.

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