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The margins of the landfill are so heavily populated that they are considered a municipality of the city.

Reportedly, 30,000 squatters reside along the perimeter of the garbage dump.

This landfill, one of the largest and most toxic in Central America, houses over a third of the country’s waste, including trash, recyclables, and discarded food items.

There are few, if any, health and safety restrictions limiting the items that can be disposed of in the dump.

It is permissible to erect temporary houses or structures bordering the landfill because the ravine and surrounding properties are public land open to all.

8 adults and 2 children were killed in June 2008, after scavenging in a “high-risk” zone notorious for its landslides.

The Guatemala City garbage dump, situated in a ravine, occupies 40 acres of land in the nation’s capital.

Guatemala is the most populated nation in Central America, with more than 13 million residents.

For most of this period, the conflict was fought between the Guatemalan government and the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG), a guerrilla group representing the interests of many native Mayans, who opposed the state’s repossession of land occupied by indigenous communities.

The conflict had devastating effects of approximately 200,000 casualties.

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The inhabitants of these “shanty-towns” ―often internally displaced persons― do not have access to the education and training required in order to occupy such jobs, or obtain better ones.

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