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The most recent statement also said the committee that originally approved “H-Bomb” will “be reviewing the proposal with the students to make sure that there is a clear understand that the organization will not be involved with the dissemination of pornographic material,” and stressed that no funding from Harvard will be provided for publication of “H-Bomb.” Robert Mitchell, director of communications of Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, said the approval that was given out by the committee has not yet changed.

“The Committee on College Life has not re-met and don’t plan to at this time,” he said.

In this statement, Harvard noted there was “much misunderstanding” about the proposed student organization on campus.

“The proposal to publish a magazine called ‘H-Bomb’ was approved by the Committee on College Life based on the understanding that it would not include material that would be considered ‘pornographic,'” the latest statement from Harvard University said.

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It will create informed debate and learning amongst senior school (Years 11-12) and tertiary students.

The university has released two statements regarding their shifting stance on “H-Bomb,” the first of which described how the university originally endorsed it based on a student proposal.

According to a press release, the committee “described the plan content as art and text dealing with ‘sex and the issues surrounding sex for men and women of all sexual orientations and tastes.'” In the most recent statement, the university addressed the media scrutiny focused on the magazine and the university.

If the controversial “H-Bomb” magazine is to appear on the Harvard University campus anytime soon, it will have to raise money outside of university funds, according to a recent decision by administrators.

Harvard College, the undergraduate school at Harvard University, released a statement saying the school will not provide funding to the publication.

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