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In the first two series of the hit E4 show, Simon, played by Joe, was extremely unlucky in love but in the third series, he got together with Hannah’s character Tara.

However, last week, after getting a bit hysterical in the bedroom, Simon was dumped by Tara.

‘I used to worry that I hadn’t been to drama school, which made me insecure, and was scared when I first walked on set, but I feel that less and less. Secret ambition To create a line of clothing that is comfortable and looks nice when you fly.

Now I think, “I pushed myself; I worked.” I go to a dialect coach to work on accents and I work with acting coaches. In my early 20s, I did feel like the girl who never fitted in. I’m comfortable being who I am – Joe is exactly the same.’ Just as Hannah is often cast as the girl all the guys want to date, Joe generally plays slightly obsessive, awkward guys. I’m far happier cheering from the sidelines.’ What do you have for breakfast? It’s his take on Jack the Ripper and it’s brilliant. Most treasured possession Home videos from when I was a little girl. Starstruck moment Meeting the Page Three girl Linda Lusardi, who was in a pantomime, when I was about five.

I was the same person underneath – you don’t change your personality because your face has changed.

Joe has apparently enjoyed a few dates with his Essex-born co-star, who previously starred as Katy Fox in Hollyoaks.I would go to clubs, but at that point in the evening when everyone starts singing along to some big hit, I was just opening and shutting my mouth, hoping that no one would notice I didn’t know the words.I did have fun and I made some good friends, but I was really glad to get home.’ that Hannah found her soulmates (and the love of her life) amid the super-clever, Cambridge-educated cast and writers who created the Bafta-winning series.Then she was asked to audition for a part in the West End musical How did it feel after the operation?‘I was pleased my cyst had gone, and it was obvious that people started to look at me differently.

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