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Mario, like many Cubans, had mixed feelings about the state-controlled provision of wi-fi, and he also had love on his mind.

“There are times when you’re talking to a girl, and she asks where you are, and you say, ‘the park.’ And then the connection drops, and she thinks you’re talking to someone else,” he said. S., but we are still living in the Ice Age.” Alice Driver is a freelance journalist and translator based in Mexico City.

Haymet explained, “I come to talk to friends from outside to disconnect, because my 24-year-old daughter died a month ago.” She held up a photo of her daughter on her phone, but started to cry and said she couldn’t talk about her.He was sitting on the corner of the park near my hosts’ house sharing a juice-box-sized rum with a friend, who introduced himself to me as “El Bicho” (“The Bug”). I’m looking for a woman with a splendid heart.” Passing through the Parque Trillo on the way to Old Havana, I met Venezuelan Luz Villegas, who was reading a book on a large tablet while rocking her one-year-old son in her arms.As he tried to connect to Facebook, Ovi explained, “I can’t connect every day because it is very expensive. “I live in Venezuela, but I want to move to Cuba for my son. She had married a Cuban, but they were living in Venezuela and only visiting family in Havana for a few days.The rainy season is considered to occur from May to October, and the dry season from November through April.Cold fronts do occur in the dry season, and temperature swings are common.

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  2. She then went on to list her requirements, explaining she "[realises] this is the perfect way to attract a bunch of creepers" but wanted to give it a go anyway. from making grand promises to saying ‘I love you’ too soon.