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More than 2,000 patients were urged to get checked in 2001, after eight people tested positive for the disease out of a gastroenterologist’s office in Bay Ridge.

According to the Health Department, hepatitis C is caused by a virus that can permanently damage the liver, leading to cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer.

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene confirmed to the Tuesday that the letter is legitimate, and that its office is investigating several acute hep-C cases linked to the private practice.Comments are available to the community in order to discuss these topics and obtain answers to questions through community members.The Editors at Hepatitis will not be responding to questions or comments posed in article comments.By order of the NYC Commissioner of Health, Tsukerman — who has since closed the 514 Ocean Parkway practice voluntarily — is not allowed to perform any invasive procedures — such as giving injections, administering infusions and drawing blood for testing — until the Health Department is satisfied that they can be done safely.The agency has no further information on the investigation, or on Tsukerman’s future plans.

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