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The following examples illustrate the types of additional information about an individual that can be discovered starting from knowledge of some element of subscriber information.As shown, this information can reveal real world locations (in addition to civic addresses), elements of an individual's online activity and possibly lifestyle preferences.Having said that, the process used to derive these results applies equally well to the case of a residential subscriber.The specific information that can be retrieved however depends on how active the subscriber is online and how the websites he/she visits treat IP addresses (i.e., do they expose them to indexing by search engines).Another example of the information that can be determined using an IP address as the starting point for an investigation is the widely-publicized Petraeus case in the U. This case started as an investigation into harassing emails but eventually resulted in the revelation of an extramarital affair by the Director of the CIA, David Petraeus, and other compromising details, which resulted in his resignation., or they may have been able to use National Security Letters, neither of which require prior independent judicial approval.Similar information could be obtained without prior independent judicial approval under previously introduced Canadian federal legislative proposals.To illustrate the process, a simple test was conducted using, as a starting point, the IP address of the web proxy of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

In order to protect privacy, and reduce the risk of identification or misidentification of an individual, the results presented in the examples that follow were generalized to remove as much identifying information (e.g., IP addresses, website names, specific search subjects, URLs and so on) as possible., even non-commercial Internet activity, such as reading documents on web pages, invariably requires the transmission of IP address information that can identify what one reads online.Introduction – What we set out to explore and why Acknowledgement Methodology – How we carried out our work What can Basic Subscriber Information elements unlock?The Petraeus Incident – Demonstrating what Basic Subscriber Information Over the past decade, the Government of Canada has tabled various iterations of so called lawful access legislation.While these data elements were proposed to be made available to authorities without prior judicial authorization in previously proposed bills, they were not among those included in the definition of basic subscriber information posed by Bill C-30.Our research involved carrying out the straightforward task to conduct a simple test to determine what information can be found when starting with an IP address (a similar process can be followed when starting with an e-mail address or phone number).

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