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Generally they live concentrated in the central and western upland valleys and along La Costa Norte. Almost two thirds of the people live in rural settlements.

The largest urban centers are the capital, Tegucigalpa; San Pedro Sula, the center of the industrial and commercial agriculture complex of the lower Ulúa Valley; La Ceiba, home of the former Standard Fruit Company; and Choluteca, the focus of activities in southern Honduras.

In area Honduras, with more than 43,000 square miles (112,000 square kilometers), is the second largest country in Central America, only a bit smaller than neighboring Nicaragua.

Stretching 175 miles (282 kilometers) across the isthmus from the Caribbean Sea to the Gulf of Fonseca on the Pacific Ocean, Honduras borders Guatemala on the northwest, El Salvador on the southwest, and Nicaragua on the southeast.

Throughout western and central Honduras rugged mountains of moderate height, reaching 9,000 feet (2,750 meters) above sea level in a few places, are interspersed with many upland valleys.

A second large zone in the east is known as La Mosquitia, which is a region of pine savannas, coastal lowlands, and shallow lagoons.

The slight population of less than 0.8 persons per square kilometer is primarily indigenous and they often are speakers of creole English.

The downstream portions of these rivers are navigable to shallow-draft vessels, but upstream from the first rapids only dugout canoes can be used for local travel and commerce.

Lake Yojoa, a large highland lake, 16 kilometers long, is remarkable for its beautiful mountain landscapes and world-class largemouth bass.

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In the Pacific coast lowland departamentos of Choluteca and Valle, droughts are occasionally severe.

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