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Most of these types of systems are closed, meaning that only specific brands of wireless speakers will work with specific branded home theater receivers and sources.

Some of these systems include Sonos, Yamaha Music Cast, DTS Play-Fi, Fire Connect (Used By Onkyo), and HEOS (Denon/Marantz) For full details on how a specific home theater or stereo receiver implements its own Multi-Zone capabilities, you should consult the user manual for that receiver.

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Multi-Zone is a function in which a home theater receiver can send a second, third, or fourth source signal to speakers or separate audio system(s) in another location.

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Another interesting way to use the Multi-Zone capable home theater receiver is to use the second zone option in the same room as a 5.1/7.1 channel setup.

In other words, you can have dedicated 2-channel, controllable, listening option in addition to a dedicated 5.1/7.1 listening option in the same room.

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