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We tend to either reduce IRR stories, whether they are our own or others’, to a party trick (something to show off and exploit rather than understand and love), or we elevate them to a pedestal where we can worship and idolize them.

This is tremendously dishonoring and harmful to relationships that are already difficult—as all relationships are!

Besides the fact that at that point, we were not even close to considering a future together, was I supposed to feel special that I was dating someone who was a different race than me?

Do I get a gold star for creating the possibility of bringing biracial children into the world?

In het dagelijks leven is Jan Blomme een 59-jarige kinesist.

Hij stopte in 1982 met wielrennen en focuste zich volledig op zijn praktijk.

But does that mean everyone should marry interracially, since we can more accurately portray the image of God?

But from my experience and from stories of my peers, there is as much desire for racial justice and reconciliation as there is unhelpful idolizing and fetishizing of interracial relationships and biracial friends.Kristel Werckx vocht terug voor haar vier kinderen en nu is ze gelukkiger dan ooit. You’ve found someone you want to date who wants to date you back! Actually, you don’t get bonus points for being in an interracial relationship (IRR).Hij trok op zijn eentje naar Frankrijk om daar door te breken in zijn favoriete sport.Remi werd al een aantal keer geselecteerd voor de nationale rugbyploeg, maar zijn ambities liggen ergens anders…

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