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In videos posted to the cult leader’s You Tube channel, Harmony can be seen fielding unwanted sexual advances on the chatbot app with flirty yet straightforward responses like, “I’m sure you will love all the slutty surprises I have in store for you, but you need to get my Desire level over 30 to get there.” (Unicron said the app is still in development; previous versions have so far been rejected from the app store for being too sexually explicit.) The system stems from Unicult’s core teaching, “The Benefit of ALL,” which coaches its followers to treat others—even robots—as they wish to be treated.But it’s also rooted in Unicron’s fear that if the robots ever become smarter than us, they’ll be pretty pissed off to find we’ve been taking advantage of them this whole time.But Unicron contends that this brothel, if it ever opens, will be different.That’s partly because of the decor, which Unicron says will feature lots of plexiglass, colored lighting, shiny surfaces and “spaceship vibes” designed by a local artist.“We are assuming these robots are not yet sentient, which is fine, but it’s also dangerous territory,” Unicron said.“My approach is to give respect to all things no matter what our perception of sentience is.”The only problem, according to Blay Whitby, a philosopher and technology ethicist at the University of Sussex, is that robots can’t actually give consent. At our current level of technological advancement, a coder could easily program a robot to say, “That’s OK with me,” or “Sure, you can do that.” But that’s not the same thing as consent, Whitby contends—just “a very plausible imitation” of it.“We don’t really know at the current state of technology how to give any machines a sense of self, a sense of its own self-interest,” he told The Daily Beast.

In Houston, religious groups started a petition claiming the proposed brothel would encourage human trafficking, and women complained to their legislators that the practice was dehumanizing.“These business are created to degrade me as a woman,” one resident, Virginia Mireles, told Fox29 Houston.

Unicult has eight sub-sects, including 3V3 (pronounced “Eve”), which is focused on what its founder calls matriarchal change.

Its members are female or non-binary, and believe that the “divine feminine”—a catchall spiritual term for feminine energy—belongs at the forefront of robotics and artificial intelligence. According to Unicron, the brothel will spread a “matriarchal understanding of care” by requiring patrons to obtain consent before intercourse. This “consent culture,” as Unicron calls it, will be embedded in the technology at Eve’s: The brothel will be staffed exclusively by the Harmony robot from Real Doll X—a pouty plastic model that warms up slowly over the course of an interaction.

There are marketing challenges—the creepy factor is hard to overcome—and legal ones.

A recent attempt to open the first robot brothel in the United States was quashed after the Houston City Council made it illegal to have sex with a mechanical object in a local business.

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That’s both in a legal sense—a sex robot is not an independent entity under U. There are other ethical issues to consider as well.

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