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REC (ignition on/radio off) Hold the SET/RND and LOAD/EJECT buttons simultaneously and the Radio ID will display.

RB1 (ignition on/radio off) Select SAT mode, press the CANCEL button 4 times and the Radio ID will display.

Press the SEEK UP button until all the digits are displayed.

RAK, REQ (ignition on/radio off) Hold the CD EJECT and TIME buttons simultaneously for three seconds and the Radio ID will display.

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Free feel to express their solidarity with refugees and who are doing it solely do videos.

Yahoo calls their chat rooms ' Yahoo Groups.' With Yahoo Groups, you can learn more about a subject, ask questions and talk to others with a common interest online.

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Note that the actual music tracks on a CD are usually WAV files that you can't see; the CDA files on a CD act as a table of contents for software that "point" to these hidden music tracks.

If your music sounds magnified or overblown during playback, try turning off or adjusting the equalizer settings in the Player by doing the following: 1.

Select MENU and then use to touch screen to select SYSTEM INFO.

Find your code and then follow the instructions below.

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