How is radiometric dating done

But creationists are the only one doing research on the matter. Because nobody in the main stream of science is questioning the assumptions. Although we cannot determine what will happen to an individual atom, We can determine what will happen to a few million atoms. We cannot tell what number we will roll in any one shake, But if we rolled 6, 000 dice, The chances are very high that 1, 000 of them would have landed on a six. Many dice follow a statistically predictable pattern. """"WRONG, Uranium Decay Equation""" what is wrong about the paper that I sent? The reason I decided to come here and debate is because I sincerely like the topic and want to learn. I will clarify my point one more time: After radiometric dating was invented, The scientist community accepted it. Please send the title of the video, I can look it up myself on Youtube Research a little more about the bones with red blood cells remnants and connective tissue.

I won't post any research done by Creationists now. The chance of it decaying is not definite, By human standards, And is similar to the chance of rolling a particular number on a dice. But one day, She is organizing a surprise birthday party to my sister, And I heard how my mom lied to her so the surprise work. I did what you said, The link said the video is not available.

The problem is that nobody that you would trust is doing those type of research since they don't believe the was a global flood (They do believe that the earth was inundated for a long time in the past, But not the flood of the Bible) so I will have to quote researches done by Creationists, Example: the RATE project.

I would recommend for you to read it, I have not finish reading the whole thing but I'm working on it. This is a very simplified answer, There is much more evidence in support of this date, If you want more i will be happy to provide.

Org/articles/not-so-dry-bones-an-interview-with-mary-schweitzer/ "One time I was visiting a church and the pastor got up and started preaching a sermon about people not being related to apes, And he started talking about this scientist in Montana who discovered red blood cells in dinosaur bones"he didn"t know I was in the audience"and it was my research he was talking about! I just got up and left" "Has the decay of elements been constant? " "We understand that cause and effect is a universal reality, Why should it suddenly cease to be a reality at the beginning of the universe? In Matter of fact, There are several studies (secular scientists and creationists) that support that the rate of decay can change. Would a flood explain some degree of acceleration in the decay? Is there any other evidence that supports the Age of the earth? Connective tissue and red blood cells remnants in dinosaurs fossils.

" Disregarding the fact that this is a little hypocritical, I have a perfect example of why speeding up the decay of elements would not work. If you want to debate, We can make it simple, I will argue the following: 1. People who have a misunderstandings regarding dating Technics are either creationists, Under educated, When used ""properly"" you can accurately date certain materials.

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It is an accurate way to date specific geologic events.

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