How to spot a player in dating

It provides a feeling of euphoria to know that charm and slick talk convinced someone to fall hard.

When the excitement wears off, the player moves on to the next "catch" to continue pursuing the thrill of the chase.

Look for telltale signs in the dating profile, and pay attention if you meet in person.

The following signs may reveal your date's player tendencies: Shelley Frost writes professionally on a full-time basis, specializing in lifestyle, family, parenting and relationship topics.

Players often use mind games to convince their dates that they are interested when they are actually emotionally unavailable.

The power means they don't have to show their vulnerability and risk getting hurt themselves.Nevertheless, it seemed as if we had many similar values, and I felt a kinship and connection for the first time in a long time. Know your relationship must-haves and make sure he has all of them.I was looking forward to meeting him that Saturday night. I told him something that made him uncomfortable, and he abruptly shut down and cancelled the date. From my point of view, what I shared with him was intended to be kind and helpful, certainly not offensive. Keep your eyes open to the red flags that show up early on. And walk away from a man who doesn’t respect you and your boundaries. I’ve learned to accept the man I date for who he is today, not who he might become if only… He lived about an hour away so after a few phone calls, we decided to Skype to get a physical/energetic sense of each other. He told me he found me to be very attractive and sexy.I enjoyed his compliments, but was a little concerned that “sexy” was the first thing on his mind.

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