Htc evo friend stream not updating

This program fails because Sprint can't / won't allow mp3 streaming overseas. and there is no reason why it should mess up your phone."This program fails because Sprint can't / won't allow mp3 streaming overseas. I have changed the Proxies and am streaming again, but it seems like the buffer is not working.

That's slightly different than what Sprint has said is coming in the over-the-air download, which is version 3.25.651.3.Sprint has disabled online radio streaming on their Android devices. If you find a workaround prior to an update, please let us know.Up to now that includes the HTC EVO and Samsung Transform. I'm currently installing the latest update to my HTC EVO and I really hope I can get the same issues you are all having. I know Google release future SDKs prior to release for devs to test (like gingerbread), but unfortunately phone manufacturers like to mess things up with their own "updates".Not sure if the info really matters, but just hoping having more diagnostics helps someone.I have been in contact with HTC today and they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. I also found an application that does work but only by pasting the address into the address line it won't find the sites I listen to by searching.

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I conveyed this app to HTC and they said they will look into the differences.

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