Htc inspire friend stream not updating

Secondly if i call a number the screen goes black immediately.Total pain cos you cant see if you’ve connected and have to keep pressing top then trying to get to no’s quick enough for call centre anser services. Then, tap your message and click on View message details. In order to delete system applications (yes, Facebook is system application for some reason) you’ll need to root your phone. To answer your questions: - You can change case, of course – check this page.

Widgets – turn off animations, do not use too many of them (choose them wisely), and delete unnecessary ones, they pull data in the background.

Update apps – hit menu key and to go My Apps to check for updates, even if you have selected“update automatically”because some apps require you to manually install updates (apps often get updated to use less power) 19.

Location settings (updated) – go to settings/location settings.

Today we’ll learn how to fix HTC Friend Stream problem (in last few days people are complaining about Facebook not updating etc) plus some other cool things. I have recently purchased a HTC desire C and was happy with it for the first 2 days. Spent hours going through the menus and now have a smaller clock underneath that’s local but can’t get rid of it.

Before asking me a question, please be sure that you’ve checked my previously posted Tips and Tricks – there is really some good stuff. Firstly although i live in london the front screen keeps giving me the weather and time in Rome.

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There's nothing horrible about it, but several areas have room for improvement.…

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