I am dating a jewish guy

I am 22 years old and keep getting into the same argument with my parents (since I started dating), because despite the fact that I have a serious boyfriend, they encourage me to find a Jewish guy.

They act as though I don’t have a “real” boyfriend.

Because of this, I think that maybe only a Jewish woman would be able to understand me. As for your question: We advocate that Jews date only Jews.

The reasons are as much practical as they are spiritual. Its much easier to date someone who shares your overall outlook on history and life in general, your observance of Jewish traditions and holidays, your desire to increase your Jewish knowledge. On a spiritual level, consider that our traditions go back thousands of years.

Your knowledge of Judaism is new, and will continue to bloom over the years.

Your journey will be much more meaningful if you can share it with the people you date.

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Email them at: Rosie Einhorn, a psychotherapist, and Sherry Zimmerman, a family lawyer, are the authors of “Talking Tachlis—A Singles’ Strategy for Marriage,” and the founders of Sasson V’Simcha, a non-profit organization which provides programs and services to help Jewish singles.

I started practicing Judaism about a year ago and much of this is still so new to me, but I have never felt so fulfilled in my life.The man you are now dating may be a great guy, but we’d like to see you maintain your link to our faith by learning more about Judaism, and strengthening your emotional ties to your heritage. This can be a great jump-start to a Jewish connection. You may also try the Discovery seminar, which helps answer the question, “Why be Jewish?” The seminar is given in hundreds of cities throughout the world.American Jews have much in common socially and culturally with their non-Jewish countrymen, and it’s easy for them to form an emotional bond.You can say that you’ll date people from another religion until you’re ready date for marriage, but what will happen if you fall in love with someone before your self-appointed cut-off date?

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