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Chris is either really impressed or really disappointed by how you leave his house looking after the shoot.From the moment he is introduced to your character, he shows an obvious attraction. Something like that.") He also was an underwear model in many Wal-Mart commercials before he got big.He admits that they were actually terrible, and he kept forgetting the cat's name. His older brother used to drive him to see movies when he was young, which is where his love for the cinema started. Since it was a small town, Chris is still attached to the close-knit community, and chooses to take your character there to visit on your third date.When he was in high school, he worked as a busboy at a restaurant so he could save up for his plane ticket to L. Chris's first chance at acting was in a school performance of The Wizard of Oz.

Tyler is the baby of the family and is currently studying agriculture at college. Chris is very close to his parents; he used his first paycheck to renovate his parents' farmhouse, to thank them for always supporting him.

His first date is Las Vegas Love, his second date is Italian Romance, his third date is Hometown Heartthrob, his fourth date is Trouble in Thailand, his fifth date is Winters' Storm, the sixth date is London Calling, the seventh date is French Kiss, his eighth date is The Engagement, his ninth date is The Ex Wife, his tenth date is Sofia's Revenge, his eleventh date is The Wedding.

The twelfth date is The Honeymoon and his thirteenth date is Marital Bliss (life after you marry Chris). He has an older brother named Sean who is a winemaker and a younger brother named Tyler.

Christopher "Chris" Winters appears very early on in the game when your main character attends a nightclub shortly after joining Hollywood U in the quest "Ready, Set, Pitch! You meet Chris at the wrap party that Ethan manages to get you into, Chris attracts the attention of the barman and kindly buys you a drink.

Chris returns later when he offers to loan you his beach house to shoot a music video for Lisa and again during the shoot of the video, where he offers to star in the video.

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In a time of polarised opinions, here's a project bringing two 'opposed' (spoiler: not really opposed) disciplines together.

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