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Previously, he had been CFO at Maxim Integrated Products, another company tainted by the backdating scandal, and was a CPA and former partner with Ernst & Young. Some involved picking dates in hindsight to give recipients a head start to profits.

The KPMG manager was even more jealous & starts screaming, “I want to call my office friends, senior managers and partners.” He called the other KPMG employees and he talked for twenty hours about his Audit files and jobs, he asked about new clients, he talked and talked & talked, then he asked “Well, devil how much do I need to pay for the call???? The KPMG manager is stunned & says “Twenty dollars??? ” Devil says: – “The Securities and Exchange Commission filed civil fraud charges today against the former chief financial officer of Brocade Communications Systems, saying “he turned a blind eye” to the high-flying company’s stock option backdating scheme. Byrd, a 45-year-old Saratoga resident, is the fourth former Brocade executive to face civil charges.Reyes’ watch and more to do with the nature of interactions between executives and their boards, between companies and their accounting firms and between managers and Wall Street. But it prompts a question: Is such a trial one that corporate America could survive? Breyer accepted a bargain between the legal teams, if only to keep the case moving: No conference call transcript would be shown to the jurors; out also is the government’s e-mail allegedly revealing an embittered Mr. Jurors will know that Greg Reyes resigned from Brocade, but they won’t know whether it was because he was pumped to move into a new role or because he was forced to concede his post in shame, and by the same directors who then continued to laud him in public after the fact.” When searching for information about how and when KPMG got involved as the auditor, I was not surprised to find that they inherited the client from Andersen.In short, a trial about much that is dysfunctional with procedure in public companies.“It becomes, why did KPMG insist on [Mr. As we have seen with many others, Andersen had a style and that style has inevitably resulted in many of their former clients representing a disproportionate share of the companies that are in the worst trouble now, in my non-scientific observation and very personal opinion.As a CPA and former audit firm partner, Byrd was a classic candidate for these types of CFO positions and profited handsomely from that profile.Having been involved since the IPO, he was the classic “outside” CFO type versus “inside” CFO type.

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The thief was so jealous, he starts screaming, “My turn!

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