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He called me into his office and told me what the job was about and every detail about Kids Ignite.

I was being cautiously optimistic but I was really looking forward to working here….

Almost 2 weeks have passed, and honestly like every other job interview I’ve gone through I already decided that I wasn’t going to be selected anyway.

The modified versions would mainly be constructed to encapsulate the ideas certified by the users, active on the open source online ordering system.Each year, Tasty Igniter rolls out three updated versions of the restaurant management software.These are carefully designed to further enhance the extensive list of our engaging features.It’s now as our CEO, Jehan, called us into the room to discuss something. Almost everyone has started to write about a topic, but here I am still thinking of what to write….A lot of topics raced through my head until I thought of writing this blog about my experience here at Igniter Space. I’ll start by giving a brief summary about me, I used to live in Saudi Arabia for most of my life until I came to Sri-Lanka with my family around 3 years back(in 2013).

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  1. The training equips participants with a global theory of behavior change, social marketing tactics, quantitative and qualitative research techniques, and effective campaign design for local challenges.