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bbarry: sure thing bbarry: lets go upstairs bbarry: you lead me up so i see your tiny rock hard butt swayihg in front of my eyes Daddies Little Girl14: alright Daddies Little Girl14: i step up the staircae Daddies Little Girl14: case* Daddies Little Girl14: holding your hand bbarry: do you meand to telll me the sizes were right?

Daddies Little Girl14: i open the bedroom door Daddies Little Girl14: yeah, bra size was right Daddies Little Girl14: and i am kinda tall bbarry: holy cow bbarry: how tall?

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hornymale3413: nm hornymale3413: u up for some fun beautiful Double DEmily: u know it hornymale3413: wanna roleplay Double DEmily: ok Double DEmily: ny ideas??

hatco: u alone home 14_year_old_hottie: yeah very alone and wet hatco: woooow hatco: u hav msn 14_year_old_hottie: nah hatco: h a t c o l b hatco: ad me 14_year_old_hottie: i dont have msn 14_year_old_hottie: listen lets cyber hatco: h a t c o 5 5 @ y a h o o 14_year_old_hottie: sry i dont have sound hatco: im alone home with cam hatco: viea hatco: u can see cam here too 14_year_old_hottie: ill feel comfterbl with cyber first hatco: realy 14_year_old_hottie: yeah hatco: can i ask u 14_year_old_hottie: then cam hatco: ok hatco: u ever sen ur mom boobs hatco: i seen last night hatco: hehh 14_year_old_hottie: hmm hatco: she was shower and door open 14_year_old_hottie: oh im so wet hatco: but she dont see me 14_year_old_hottie: oh yess!Daddies Little Girl14: i only know in cm bbarry: i wil converrt bbarry: 175 would be nice Daddies Little Girl14: 1m 73 Daddies Little Girl14: ooh bbarry: wow bbarry: and 14???Daddies Little Girl14: yea Daddies Little Girl14: i have tall parents bbarry: i am 178 Daddies Little Girl14: wow Daddies Little Girl14: that big bbarry: so in yuour heels we will be eye to eye bbarry: how tall is mom?willum: your video addy sexy NGgirl69: here lemme try sumthin take out the excess . Tiny Girl15: yeah Tiny Girl15: only 1 bf Tiny Girl15: for a month unsureaboutme: i see unsureaboutme: well, if i was there, a tiny green eyed hottie wud be bein asked out by me Tiny Girl15: what unsureaboutme: and if u said yes i'd promise to only touch u if u wanted me to Tiny Girl15: but... Tiny Girl15: I'd want to cyber first unsureaboutme: oo unsureaboutme: do u cyber a lot? Tiny Girl15: wow Tiny Girl15: I would be embarassed... hot-sweet-boy: why babe u want kill me hot-sweet-boy: i like u babe Hotgirl14: Yes, I want your head in my freezer hot-sweet-boy: ohhhh hot-sweet-boy: im sweet boy hot-sweet-boy: why hot-sweet-boy: i think u r sweet too hot-sweet-boy: do u like sweet and hot boys Hotgirl14: YOU'RE PROBABLY SWEET WITH SUGAR ON, WHEN I EAT YOU! im very unoriganalguy_4_cam2cam_sex: ok let me %%%% ur %%% hole sexygirl69: i need some cum guy_4_cam2cam_sex: i will cum in ur %%% hole babe sexygirl69: oh thank you sexygirl69: i love it so much guy_4_cam2cam_sex: come on bent down guy_4_cam2cam_sex: n lift ur %%% up to ma %%%% sexygirl69: i hope your jackin of to this! guy_4_cam2cam_sex: scream babe guy_4_cam2cam_sex: yea sexygirl69: ARRGHHH!!! @ guy_4_cam2cam_sex: ooooooooooooooooo yea guy_4_cam2cam_sex: push ur %%% bak babe sexygirl69: listen theres somethin have to tell you guy_4_cam2cam_sex: yea guy_4_cam2cam_sex: tell sexygirl69: nevermind guy_4_cam2cam_sex: tell me babe sexygirl69: well im kind off drincking my own cum right now sexygirl69: and cutting myself guy_4_cam2cam_sex: ooooooooo sexygirl69: thatallright? Big Boob Stacy: Nah, I'm near the lava fields Big Boob Stacy: so, I have burns all over my body mikeyxxx: ouch mikeyxxx: want me to rub some cream into them?Tiny Girl15: not really Tiny Girl15: do you want to? unsureaboutme: u sound pretty horny : P Tiny Girl15: yeah Tiny Girl15: hey.. Tiny Girl15: and wonder what you would do next To be continued. I WILL KEEP YOUR INTESTANTS IN A FREEZERBAG AND CARRY WITH WITH ME WHEN I'M GOING OUT! sexygirl69: and tacking a shit on a picture of my granpa sexygirl69: brb sexygirl69: sry guy_4_cam2cam_sex: ok sexygirl69: wait never mind sexygirl69: is that ok? Big Boob Stacy: Yeah, it hurts to walk and I look ugly with them too so I don't socialize too much mikeyxxx: i want to give u a big hug Big Boob Stacy: that would hurt Big Boob Stacy: YOU WANT TO HURT ME!!?!? ---------------------------------------- -------------- HILARIOUS! ok this is more epic then my last wich wasent very epicdamo_surf_2000: hi 8_year_old_hottie: hi damo_surf_2000: how are you 8_year_old_hottie: good damo_surf_2000: cool whatya up too 8_year_old_hottie: puting my ginger in my hole damo_surf_2000: hmm sexy damo_surf_2000: im playing with my wiener too 8_year_old_hottie: cyber?

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