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They may also shut down the arguments and frustrations of other people, trying to hurry up and find a solution, but settling on one that is less than ideal.If you sense that conflict is near, or you are in the midst of it, take a moment to center yourself.Sometimes they end up with overly-idealistic perceptions of them, other times their perceptions are cynical and judgmental.Whatever the case, these assumptions can cause a lot of chaos if left unchecked.However, they can also trip up INFJs from time to time.

They may bury their own irritations with other people so as not to create tension around them, resulting in suppressed anger that bubbles up later in an unhealthy way.

They are constantly tuning in to their partner and asking themselves questions like, “What does he/she think about this? They can forecast how people will react to things as well as get a sense of where other individuals are coming from.

These two processes working in tandem can create a highly empathic, almost clairvoyant type of individual.

Give yourself 10-15 minutes to go through the process and see where you stand afterward.

You’ll almost certainly have a more thoughtful, clear perspective.

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