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Previously known as Project Symbolon, it will be operational in 2014.This despite the fact that the legal basis for the Unit does not yet exist, because the WIV (Intelligence and Security Law) of 2002 does not sanction the extraction of information from “cable-based telecommunications.” The CTIVD apparently knew this was coming for two years, but failed to inform parliament. The (unsurprising) conclusion that the Netherlands, thanks to its infrastructure and long Cold War history of (intelligence) cooperation with the US, is (almost) part of the inner circle when it comes to the US-orientated global surveillance networks.16 -- works to improve the lives of dogs, cats and people.The Atlantic Alliance has been through many upheavals in its 65-odd years. US embassies revealed as data-gathering vacuum-cleaners. Germany and France lining up against the US to demand that it back off.The policy of the Dutch government is to maintain that position as far as possible.

Smart Works in part helps unemployed and vulnerable women prepare and dress for job interviews, while the animal welfare charity Mayhew -- Meghan met one of its adoptable pups, Foxy, on Jan.

The morale of the story – as all security commentators have been saying since the AIVD budget came under threat – is that if you have nothing to trade, you are worthless in the world of intelligence.

The Uruzgan story is only further confirmation that the Dutch services – and the Dutch government – strive to maintain as effective a working relationship as possible with their American counterparts.

More revelations from Snowden’s database are definitely on the way.

There are two sides to this story, which has been brewing for a while. NSA and the Netherlands: Cozying up to Uncle Sam The Rutte government has consistently refused to criticize the American eavesdropping, instead hiding behind the EU and staying clear of Hollande and Merkel.

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