Inserting and updating long lob colum

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one field data type is LONG in first DB table, Same field data type in other DB is CLOB.

i used TO_LOB function to convert from LONG to CLOB data type.

Here's a little example, first the setup: DECLARE 2 l_lob BLOB; 3 BEGIN 4 INSERT INTO t VALUES (1, 'FF', '') RETURNING SOURCE INTO l_lob; 5 FOR i IN 1..10 LOOP 6 dbms_lob.writeappend(l_lob, 4000, 7 utl_raw.overlay('FF', 'FF', 1, 4000, 'FF')); 8 END LOOP; 9 END; 10 / PL/SQL procedure successfully completed Despite the fact that you make a reversal (normaly you should move from LONG to LOB, LONG being obsolete)...

You must use dbms_lob package, and make some plsql: Eventualy you can use read, getlength...

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Remember that the effective DOP will be the number of partitions, this behavior is also the same as before.

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  1. To handle the logic of the grid editor, I've implemented a new Angular controller with the name Skrift. The parameters in the function is the resources that we need for the logic of the controller - here the $scope of the controller, as well as Umbraco's media Helper and entity Resource (I'll come back to these later).$scope.control.value.image Id), instead of meta data of the image.