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A niche agency, we specialise in contract and permanent B2C & B2B product management, marketing and e Commerce roles.

Some of our best people and product leaders have come through Intelligent People.

They are already on a relationship and on the way to get married, also, they are still with they high school love. Some other are dating below their league but working on some high end jobs (things get handed to them very easily) and know how to flirt to land better positions (dont think that they would smash these dudes they flirt with). successful, rich, popular in social circle / community etc.

Dating very intelligent and driven people isn't easy.

After all, philosophy is also about the exchange of these beliefs and assumptions, and gathering other opinions just may open your mind to a way of thinking you never even considered before. We ask that you report any content that you find needs to be brought to our attention as well.It is there that you will find the support you need from a community that can empathize with you.Please Click Here to browse a list of all chat rooms. I 'just' worked and had a business that ran itself. That is what her problem was, not her intelligence. Even if there aren't actually a lot of them, dumb chicks aren't attractive to me so I don't even notice them unless they say something airheaded. She's working and going to school and playing soccer and dating me and has friends. I guess health at this point in her life isn't important to her. She wants to attract people because of who she is not based on what she looks like. She just isn't beautiful or hot by MIs C standards and she's fine with that. Hot college chicks with intelligence (and there are a lot of them btw) = hnnnnnnnng.

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  1. By opening yourself up and making eye contact with all of the other patrons, you are also making yourself available to anything that comes your way, which could be a recommendation for a new book to read, a compliment about something you're wearing, or maybe even a date. Someone doesn't say hi back, and another person walks through the door ten seconds later.