Intemidating fight talk

I am sort of a loud asshole and spend enough time drunk in moderately dicey places so that probably should have happened to me by now.I am very scary and intimidating when I have to be.I've been seeing this girl lately and she recently told me that she was really intimidated by me for a while because of my height.I never really thought about my height being intimidating before, though.A few people have said they had the impression that I was stuck up before they got to know me, now I try to smile more to people so they don't get that impression Be thankful. Can you help me get this refrigerator/sofa/motorcycle up ten flights of stairs?

All my friends are taller then me (and usually wider too) so in any other situation they would probably be intimidating.

He ended up nearly sinking the boat but managed to pull the anchor up. Along with the tree...which was bigger than the boat. I mean when I run into somebody tall and they have a constant scowl it's hard not to get a little unnerved.

Most situations though it's just because I wasn't expecting someone there.

Was walking on campus the other day and I guy a foot taller than me walked up beside me and I hadn't noticed.

Needless to say to say when I glanced to my right I freaked a little bit (okay a lot). When I was a teenager, I used to love going to haunted houses around Halloween.

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I eventually stopped going because I was tired of the other patrons being more scared of me than they were of the guy with the chainsaw.

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