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Nightcrawler, Daredevil, [4 other Christian superheroes] are all Christians.

Sabra, Seraph, Ramban, Atom-Smasher and the Thing are Jewish...

From: "Superman Wedding -- why a Christian ceremony?

" newsgroup discussion started 11 October 1996 in universe ( viewed 5 June 2006): Ain't there that mystical Israeli hero named King Solomon or some there such thing? I recall him being used in Zero Hour, Crisis, or one of those other BIG DC events, but I can't recall which.

This was basically a plot device keeping any American super-heroes with magic-based powers, or magic vulnerability, from directly attacking the Axis Powers and ending the war swiftly, so that Earth-2's history wouldn't diverge too wildly from real world history. see below): I think that goes for the "big 3" [Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman], for example.

But many denizens of the DCU have expressed their religion explicitly, and I'm not just talking Wonder Woman and Kobra and Zauriel here.

Besides -- Zauriel, Bloodwynd, Wonder Woman, the Spectre, the Quintet, etc., etc., are all based on or are slaves to religious beliefs, but none actively flaunt it, or debate which is correct, so a hard-line Christian super hero would probably not sit too well.

hellstone1 Posted: May 6, 2005 AM Well, I'm gonna hit you.

DC has the Seraph, who first appeared in "Clad in the mantle of Elijah, wearing the magic ring of Solomon and carrying the staff of Moses, his long hair endowing him with the strength of Samson, teacher Chaim Lavon has become the super-hero of Israel... " NAME: THE SERAPH Alter Ego:: Chaim Lavon Occupation:: Teacher Marital Status:: Single Known Relatives:: None Group Affiliation:: The Global Guardians Base of Operations:: Israel First Appearance:: #7 (October 1977) Hair:: Black Powers and Weapons:: Superhuman strength of Samson, Ring of Solomon (shown to teleport wearer short distances), Staff of Moses (shown to have turned into a serpent and part water) and the mantle of Elijah.

The Jewish community often complains that it's losing young people's attention. Ray Palmer is one of the few Jewish characters in comics, and certainly one of the most famous and prominent...

Have Jewish leaders checked the comic shops recently? Modern comic books -- lively keystones of American popular culture -- aren't afraid to feature numerous new heroes... Nor do comic books shy away from topics of particular Jewish interest, such as interdating... Discusses the Jewish super-heroes Seraph, the Blasters, Colossal Boy, Ragman, Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family, Mindboggler, Ramban, Golem, Judith, Dybbuk, Nuklon, Phantom Stranger and Sabra. The two most powerful Jewish heroes are Marvel's Sabra and DC's Seraph... His G-d given powers are a few notches below Superman level, but he's portrayed as a major player - super strength and invunerablitiy (Samson), super wisdom (Solomon), teleportation, and a unique power from his staff (Moses) to split things in half.

For a while, Seraph fought solo, trying to think of ways to revive the Global Guardians. Backup story involving Israeli super-hero "The Seraph", modeled after characters in the Torah. thread ID=2000072443&start=15; viewed ): ponypants Posted: May 1, 2006 AM Speaking of minorities...

Finally, Doctor Mist called him to Bialya to rescue the Global Guardians. After a battle with Doctor Mist's enemy Fain Y'onia, Seraph helped Rising Sun, Owlwoman, and Olympian create the New Global Guardians, placing himself as leader. In this story, terrorists try to interfere with Israel's water supply. The new Asian Atom isn't replacing a typical white male whom, as with most heroes, you'd presume to be Christian.

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