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Following are highlights of our loosely transcribed conversation.

What are some of the biggest issues for men dating over 40? Dating seems mysterious and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Men in sleeveless shirts and motorcycles are dressing to impress other men, not women. Make your voice a little deeper if you can and speak from the diaphragm. What I learned is I had to accept responsibility for my part in relationships and improve my dating skills. Take care of your body and style, but work on your personality more. When you work on these skills, you will have a greater love for life and a better life in general.

What are practical tips that any man can do to be more attractive? Attraction occurs within the older parts of our brain.

If your car wasn’t running well, you’d go to a mechanic.

But if you are having trouble dating or in relationships, many men just get mad women.

They have partnered with matchmakers and dating coaches in Columbus, Ohio, helping men (and women) become more confident and attractive through consulting, public speaking, and classes.

It was a pleasure to speak with David Bennet on Last First Date Radio and listen to his dating advice for men over 40.

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Meeting strangers in person is never 100% safe, no matter how reputable the place is. With 40 online dating websites, you can take your time to get to know the person before even giving them your number.

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