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No longer do we see tabloid headlines screaming ‘meet the couple who found love ON THE INTERNET!

’ For Britain’s 16 million singles, looking for love online is the norm.

Meeting an online match in person is the crucial next step but how long should you wait before you suggest or agree to it? It’s exciting to see a new email from a love interest; you can read their romantic messages over and over again, reading between the lines and developing all sorts of fantasy scenarios in your head.

It’s fun, but it doesn’t become ‘real’ until you meet up in person and find out if there’s a spark between you. A number of factors will affect how long you wait and each situation will be unique, Some people like to meet up with their matches as soon as possible, especially if they’re local.

I've had enough experiences with online dating to conclude that no matter how much chemistry people may have over the internet, there's no better way to know for sure than a face to face meeting.

Of course, it can take time for all of this to come to light, but it may be worth waiting if you want the assurance that someone is really into you before you steel yourself for meeting up face to face.

This is also a good approach for people who aren’t confident expressing themselves in writing.

Meeting up for a coffee date also gives you less time to get anxious or self-conscious because there’s less build up.

Finding a true love connection can take time, so it’s ok to invest a few days or weeks in playing email tag to ensure you are on the same page, as long as you are continually learning about the other person and enjoying the conversation.

There are some people who use online dating as a guise to get email buddies and email buddies only.

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