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You will also receive a bonus Personality Profile called The Book of You.Take the first step towards better dates in Brisbane and register now.Cook was a guest on the show and Moped performed the remix live on the show for him.Whilst being interviewed on the show he said he 'felt as though his whole life had flashed before him.' not about orchards and craft fairs but online dating and modern technology.She packed up her belongings, and her two dogs, and moved up to the Sunshine Coast in April to be with Jos.They took a round the world trip in June and July ’09 where Debra introduced Jos to her family in Canada, and he introduced her to his family in Netherlands. I feel a bit like I have won the lottery being able to find someone and be so in love at this part of my life.

Rocksports in The Valley is a great place for beginners and a fantastic way to get to know and challenge each other.

The track proved popular with listeners of the show and they went on to produce several more remixes as well as playing live in clubs around the country.

On the request of Moyles, they produced a remix of songs by Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim in order to perform them at an outside broadcast in a pub in Brighton.

Bernard Thresher and Bob Wriggles met while working at Knowsley Safari Park and subsequently formed their first rock band together, Korova.

Whilst working at St Helens College, Wriggles met Dickie Ticker who was producing electronic music and light-hearted remixes under the name 'Diffusion'.

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