Internet killed the dating game

Who won, and more importantly, what were the arguments for (and against) dating in the world of apps?Ahead, we delve into the complicated world of finding love in the digital age. The courtship of ancient times looks nothing like the banter we experience over i Message today.For all of those stories about couples finding one another, the stories of my friends are often filled with hysterical–though depressing–stories about their dates made over the Internet.Many of them start with, “We had such a great time and made plans to meet up again, but then I never heard from them again…” (Oh, the tales I could tell of the lies that people tell about themselves, but I’ll save that for another time.) Companies have spent a great deal of money creating Spam filters for e-mail.When that happens, singles may find themselves able to go out on not only one date with one person but on dates with multiple people, giving them the ability to compare people’s profiles not only online but in person.

It's that sense of being preoccupied with some other person.Many believe that romance is somehow a numbers game—the more we play, the better the odds. Last week, Ok Cupid VP of Engineering Tom Jacques and Fisher, who is also's scientific advisor, came together at Intelligence Squared to argue that dating apps are designed to find love.Their opponents, WNYC's co-author Eric Klinenberg, argued that online dating has killed romance.And, this is not to mention the many, MANY sites whose purpose is not really to find a date but rather to find something else (can you say Craigslist?), though like-minded people can still find their life partner there. The Web enables us to make dates–more to the point, it allows us to make many, many dates. Within 10 miles of my zip code in Chicago, for example, men attempting to find female singles between 21 and 45 have more than 500 choices on (the hits stop at 500) and more than 2,500 on Myspace; for gay men, the corresponding figures are the same on Match and more than 1,500 for Myspace; and for lesbians, there were more than 250 hits on and some 300 on Myspace.

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