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But best of all, the hilarious Rosa Escandón joins for this extra long episode to discuss all of this and more!

Our topic this week focuses on biphobia from within the LGBTQ community and the heteros looking in.

Her journey to becoming a fabulous NYC divorcée is heartfelt, fascinating, funny, and probably relatable for many of our listeners.

We also talk about Broadway’s The Prom, our own proms, holding in emotions, and the toxic manifestations repressed homosexuality.

We also talk about some hot (and stale) celesbian gossip, and solve the mystery of Sarah’s Palm Springs lewk.

Was it just some vacation experimentation or is Sarah getting ready to be Kyrsten Sinema’s Arizona-based house wife?

Njoku, joins us for one of the funnest episodes to date!

Don’t be fooled by the topic (but do have your vomit bags ready if even the mere mention of dick activates your gag reflex), because we are dyking out hard on this one.

Plus, Nicole shares the magical details of a witchy getaway fueled by shrooms and a blood moon. We also talk about our butts getting touched during massages and the rediscovery of Carolyn’s internet friend from her chat room years.

We also tackle age-old questions like “Is going to bed early a lesbian thing?


-Keep the podcast a-lez and gay by donating to our Patreon, where you can get some sapphic swag.-For related content, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Leave Us a Review if you like what you hear! You’ll love the duo behind it: There Is No Mountain Is the modeling community extra queer, or is it just that everything surrounding Cara Delevingne seems supes gay?

We ask comedian and former America’s Next Top Model contestant Sarah Hartshorne about the intersection of modeling and sexuality.

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