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If someone has ever told you they're ashamed of you, you know how disheartening this can be.

If you're ever tempted to say it, ask yourself if there's a less hurtful word you can use to express your disappointment.

In his book, The Hidden Messages in Water, Japanese scientist Masaru Emote detailed some experiments he conducted into the impact of words on both the world and on our health.Montessori education stimulates children by giving them accurate facts to work with, not by overloading their senses with bright colors and animated pictures, or loud music and sounds.These apps are a great addition to the Montessori curriculum, presenting children with the original tools but in a more modern medium.As in, "You're getting in the way of what I'm trying to do." This is a great phrase to use if you want someone to feel totally useless and insignificant.If that's not what you're trying to convey, consider using a different word.

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